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What is Reiki?
Reiki is spiritually-guided life force energy.
Direct application (laying-on of hands) of
strengthens the energy system. 
Ki is the term for the underlying "force" of the Universe. 
Reiki healing is best described as restoring to greater wholeness
of the ideal form and being the best expression of who you are.

Disturbances in energy cause illness. Reiki balances the flow of energy.

Reiki Training Workshops
Upcoming Workshops:

Intro to Reiki and Reiki I – June 19, July 10, Aug 14
Reiki II & III - April 18, Reiki III – June 19, July 10, Aug 14
(Click "Workshops" link above for information and registration)

Private training can be scheduled by request info@atlantareikicenter.com

There is no need for special knowledge or credentials to receive Reiki training.
Receiving an attunement opens the access to channel the Reiki,
getting stronger with each degree. If you are interested in Reiki training,
click on the Workshops link above for information and registration.

Reiki Healing Sessions  
Available by appointment. 
(Animal Reiki also available for your pets.)


Host an Intensive Reiki Workshop at your Business or Home
If you have a group of six or more, and you would like to host
an Reiki Training Workshop, call or email for information, fees and dates.


                        The Secret Method of Inviting Happiness Through Many Blessings:
                                               Just for today -
                                               Do not anger,
                                               Do not worry,
                                               Be humble,
                                               Be honest in your dealings with people,
                                               Be compassionate towards yourself and others.
                                                                                       ~ Mikao Usui (1865-1926)

Member of the

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For Appointments or Additional Information Contact:
Email: info@atlantareikicenter.com
Tel: 678-429-2550


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